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Right After this course, you can write Modular Code using Classes and Objects ……

During Interview, You will be able to explain OOP concept with written examples ……

Apply the OOP Concepts right away into your existing project ……

You will understand how others develop and use OOP concept in the PHP Libraries ……

Learn PHP OOP 10X times faster with Examples, Exercises, Assignments, Blogs and Quiz ……

You will learn OOP Concept with real time Examples – Database, Files, Posts, Students, Bank, University, Course, Lectures and many more Classes ……

16+ hours of PHP OOP Training fully focused on Writing and Learning PHP OOP Concept ……


Why should I learn OOP?

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is programming concept which brings the following benefits to your program:

  • You logical group your code into Components.
  • You build Small Components of code which can be reused.
  • Components are extend or leverage from other Components.
  • Simplify the complex concept into smaller Components.
  • Extending the component, Reusing the Component, Hiding Features and many other benefits.

If you want to be senior developer or build website for business then you should know how to write in OOP.

Even when you use the 3rd Party Libraries they are built using OOP and without knowing this OOP it is really difficult to use 3rd Party Libraries as well.

Building your projects using OOP will be easy to extend and share by other developers as well.

How this course can help me learn OOP?

This course is designed to teach you OOP in two simple ways:

  1. Understand and Able to Explain OOP Concept.
  2. Implement OOP Concept using the real time examples.

There are Exercises, Assignments and Quiz focused to make sure you go thru the practical hands-on to remember the concept thoroughly.

100% Guaranteed Learning Experience:

We teach one concept at a time and then leverage that skills to learn new topics.

Lectures are broken into specific outcome and carefully explained with theory and examples.

Every sections from Starting to Last is carefully organised into these categories:

  1. Objective – What you’ll learn in this section
  2. What is it? – Explain about the Concept
  3. Examples – Convert Concept into Real time Examples.
  4. Exercises – Practice, Practice, Practice
  5. Quiz – Test yourself
  6. Assignments – Practical Handson
  7. Blogs – References
  8. Summary – What you have learned in this section

With lots of time spent in organizing these topics and making sure you get to learn PHP OOP Concept faster and with tons of supporting source code and proper guidance.

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Course Overview :

Course Name: Complete PHP OOP Tutorials for Absolute Beginners + Projects

Course Platform: UDEMY

Course Instructor: PHPTraining DotCom

Course Language: English

Video Length:  10.5 hours

Who this course is for:

  • PHP Programmers who wants to start writing PHP code using OOP.
  • Students who wants to explain OOP Concept in Interview.
  • Students who wants to understand OOP Concepts.
  • Students who want to learn how to write modular and reusable code using OOP.








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