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Today, every web developer must have knowledge of all the different aspects of web development. One such aspect is database designing whose need has tremendously increased in the last few years. Be it a university or a hospital; everyone needs a database of their own, making it a challenge for all the developer having sundry of skills but database design.

Here, we bring you a Database tutorial focusing on the fundamentals of database designing by using MySQL and MongoDB. These are the two widely used open source platforms for database designing by the experts.

The Importance of Database Designing!

Among different types of database design systems, the two widely used ones are relational and non-relational databases. Likewise, every database design experts know the importance of MySQL and MongoDB which is an open source plaatform for relational and non-relational database systems respectively. Almost all the organization wants to develop their database on these two platforms making it an important skill for developers. Every web developer must possess the knowledge of MySQL and MongoDB to create different types of a database from scratch.

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Course Overview :

Course Name: Accounts Payable in SAP

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Course Language: English

Video Length:  5.5 Hours


  • Learn to design SQL and NoSQL databases in one single course
  • Learn underlying concepts of good database design
  • Learn by building real world projects
  • Learn mySQL and MongoDB from groundup







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