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Machine learning is the technology behind self-driving cars, smart speakers, recommendations, and sophisticated predictions. Recent advances in algorithms, technology, and the availability of vast amounts of data allow machines to solve problems that were once considered out of reach. Machine learning is an exciting and rapidly growing field full of possibilities, but it can be intimidating at first.

If you want to learn how machine learning can be applied in your organization without lots of math or code, then this course is for you. There’s more to a successful ML project that just creating models and writing code. Identifying suitable problems, collecting, preparing and curating data sets, validating results, and maintaining quality over time is just as important as writing code. These challenges require a variety of skills, many of which are not technical.

Whether you’re a manager, business analyst, software architect, or someone looking to change careers, there’s a place for you in a machine learning project. This course is aimed at giving you the knowledge you need to be productive in a changing economy where machines are climbing the corporate ladder.

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Course Overview :

Course Name: Practical Introduction to Machine Learning.

Course Platform: UDEMY

Course Instructor: Madhu Siddalingaiah

Course Language: English

Video Length: 3.5 hours

Who this course is for:

  • IT managers, business analysts, software architects, and developers interested in a quick start into the exciting and rapidly growing field of machine learning.
  • Business analysts or non-technical people who want to leverage their skills to add value in machine learning development project
  • Anyone wanting to learn where they can be productive in a changing economy where machines are climbing the corporate ladder





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